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Open Educational Resources in Math – including a report of success using an open textbook for introductory statistics

David Straayer*, Tacoma Community College (Faculty)
Talk Abstract: 
Tacoma Community College recently adopted Kathryn Kozak's "Statistics Using Technology" for its introduction to statics course. In addition to saving the students significant expense (under \$20 vs over \$190), we're finding it empowers a return to an ancient now nearly lost note-taking strategy: taking notes in the margin of the book. Of course that only works for the students who buy a paper copy, others download a free e-book on their laptop, tablet, or even on their smart phones. Yes, the open-source texts often don't have the seductive inducements provided by the textbook publishers, but open source alternatives like WAMAP online assessment and instructor-shared slide sets can bridge the gap quite nicely.
Saturday, April 11, 2015 - 11:15