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A Comprehensive Introduction to Using WeBWorK

Dibyajyoti Deb*, Oregon Institute of Technology (Faculty)
Joe Reid*, Oregon Institute of Technology (Faculty)
Cristina Negoita*, Oregon Institute of Technology (Faculty)
David Rosoff*, College of Idaho (Faculty)
Robin Cruz*, College of Idaho (Faculty)
Jim Fischer*, Oregon Institute of Technology (Faculty)
Talk Abstract: 
WeBWorK is a well-tested, free homework system for delivering individualized problems over the web. It was originally developed in 1995 by Professors Arnold Pizer and Michael Gage at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Rochester. A team of developers from a number of institutions now supports the system, which is currently used for a wide range of courses in mathematics and related disciplines. Through a series of six interactive presentations we will show how to use this homework system. We will begin with basic procedures such as creating and editing problem sets, modifying problems, and using scoring tools. The presentations will progress to more advanced topics including making connections to other course materials, creating problems with some of the newer MathObjects and examples of integrating WeBWorK problems with software such as R. We will conclude with a brief discussion of where to find resources, professional development opportunities and how faculty can contribute to WeBWorK. This is a hands-on presentation, and attendees are highly encouraged to bring their laptops/tablets/etc.
Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 10:15