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A Practical Introduction to Stick Knot Theory

Cody Paulson*, Eastern Oregon University (Undergraduate Student)
Matt Chatham*, Eastern Oregon University (Undergraduate Student)
Dominic Clay, Eastern Oregon University (Undergraduate Student)
Joel Jacobs, Eastern Oregon University (Undergraduate Student)
Amy Yielding, Eastern Oregon University (Faculty)
Talk Abstract: 
Knots have been used throughout human history, from tethering boats to tying your shoes. Knot theory formalizes the nature and properties of knots. This talk will introduce participants to the history, fundamentals, and applications of a subset of knot theory, stick knots, using interactive exercises. Participants are encouraged to attend a subsequent talk discussing the results of a student inquiry into two-dimensional stick knot representations completed by the Eastern Oregon University 2014-2015 Undergraduate Mathematics Research Group.
Talk Subject: 
Algebraic and Complex Geometry
Talk Type: 
Oral Presentation
Friday, March 13, 2015 - 16:45