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Morning Announcements

  • The MAA Book Sale will be in STAG 270 Saturday 10am-4pm. We are doing cash (or check) and carry for the book sale (no sales tax!). Also note that the MAA discount code to save 35% online is PANWSP16 which is valid until next Sunday.
  • There will be math art and instructional manipulatives on display in STAG 270 as well. Also a representative from Pearson will be running an exhibit table. (Many thanks to Pearson for co-sponsoring our social hour!)
  • The poster session will also be in STAG 270 (and in the hallway outside). Those presenting posters should setup during the lunch break.
  • If you have dietary restrictions, please note the information cards in front of each food item. Feel free to ask catering employees for assistance (they have copies of all reported dietary restrictions). Omnivores, please be aware that while the vegetarian dishes will be on the buffet, we have only limited amounts and need to reserve them for those who have no other options.
  • The Beaver Freezer triathalon is happening on campus today, so be aware that there may be detours and crowds. The award ceremony will be at the covered plaza right next to our lunch, but should be over quickly.
  • The Horizon Room will not hold everyone for lunch, but there are plenty of nearby places inside and around the Memorial Union to sit and eat after you have grabbed your food. Those intending to listen to the Career (and Graduate School) Panel should plan to sit inside the Horizon Room near the front.
  • The room for the Math Club Panel is LINC 368 (take the elevator right outside LINC 128).
  • There are several other changes to the program which are highlighted in the online program and have been posted on the bulletin board at registration. In particular, there are changes to the following Sessions: NUMS I: Mathematics Applications; NUMS II: Combinatorics; General Papers II; and NUMS VII: History/Math Ed.
  • Please send any questions or problems to throughout the conference. Someone will reply immediately.
  • Enjoy!