NUMS 2.0 in April 2020

The 12th annual NUMS meeting will be held, in conjuction with PiMUC, online as a virtual meeting using Zoom on April 18th, 2020! The registration site can be found at the PiMUC home page. As many campuses are closed, it is likely that you will have to connect to the meeting individually. If you do not have a laptop or other device that can connect to a virtual meeting, reach out to your department soon to ask for advice. There will be practice session appointments available in the days before the meeting.

Update 4/18/2020: Presentation Prizes awarded

  • First Prize: KATHRYN DAVIDSON, University of Washington Tacoma, "Improving Meshing Algorithms for Neuronal Reconstructions in Pursuit of Quantitative Spinule Analysis"
  • Second Prize: BROOKE MATHEWS & ISAAC ORTEGA, Seattle University, "Knotris: A New Game"
  • Third Prize: AMY JENSON, University of Alaska Southeast, "Model of Yellow Fever Among Aedes Agypti Vectors and Human Hosts: A SEIRV Mathematical Model"