NUMS 2023 November online

The 15th annual NUMS meeting will be held online by Oregon State University on Saturday November 11th, 2023! 

There is no registration fee for this conference. However, all participants, whether planning to present or not, need to register.  A zoom link will be sent to your email address. Abstract registration has closed, but attendees still need to register.  Talks will be 15 minutes (plus 5 for questions).

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The keynote address will be given by Professor F. Patricia Medina of New York City College of Technology - CUNY. She will be speaking on "Product Coefficients Used on a Machine Learning Framework for 3D Point Clouds". Abstract: In machine learning, crafting effective features is key, and one powerful technique is feature engineering. By leveraging domain knowledge and mathematical principles, we can enhance machine learning frameworks. Our focus here is on product coefficients, rooted in measure theory. We'll explore how to compute these coefficients for a 3D point cloud of a natural scene, demonstrating how a grasp of different mathematical areas can boost creativity for building better machine learning models.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions or contact Prof. Nathan Gibson at 

Selected photos posted!

Honorary Awards:

Shortest title:    
Prime k-tuples   
Matthew Anderson, Willamette

Longest word used in the abstract:   
"hyperandrogenism", Caleb Erickson, Central Washington University

Most acronyms in the abstract:   
Ezra Baker, Oregon State University

Most latex symbols in the abstract:   
Ansel Goh, University of Washington

Most co-authors:   
William Dudarov, University of Washington   
Noah Feinberg, University of Washington   
Raymond Guo, University of Washington   
et al!

Eager beaver award (first person to register an abstract):   
Isabelle Hernandez, Oregon State University (beavers)