Below we address various frequently asked questions from over the years. Feel free to send additional questions to

  • Are student presentations expected to be "chalk talks" or something more along the lines of a PowerPoint presentation?
    • We have had students give "chalk talks" in the past, but honestly there is not enough time to write out everything on the fly. Most students do slides (not necessarily power point, see my Latex templates at A compromise could be handwritten notes presented as a series of pdf pages (landscape orientation), say written on a tablet or something (I like xournal).
  • Are group presentations allowed?
    • Yes, definitely! Especially for COMAP MCM project presentations, it makes sense for all members to present the team's solution.
  • How many people should I expect to be presenting to?
    • We have had anywhere from 30 - 90 students attend NUMS in the past. When there are large numbers of speakers, we have parallel sessions in separate rooms. Plan for 20-30 students in the audience (and a handful of faculty).

  • I have been working on a research project but I only have some partial results. Would these work for a presentation?
    • Talks need not be original work (may be expository) so even partial results should be fine. Just be upfront about it in the title or abstract so people aren't expecting more. Check with your research advisor/mentor or any faculty member at your school for specific advice.

  • Is there a fee to register?
    • Most years we try very hard to secure funding for the conference so that no registration fee is charged to participants. In some years we have charged a fee only in order to cover lunch expenses, otherwise lunch is typically not provided.

  • Is travel support available?
    • In most years we do not have travel support available however many departments are happy to reimburse milage for those who carpool. Check with your department leadership at your school. Consider also coordinating with math clubs at nearby schools.