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Oregon State University
Oregon State University
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You’re about to earn a degree in mathematics, now what? You may be surprised to know that teaching isn’t your only option; in the “real world” mathematical knowledge is a valued commodity and there are many interesting job opportunities for mathematicians in non-academic settings. So, whether you are a mathematics student looking for a job once you graduate or an advisor looking for advice to give to future job-seeking students, this session will help you gain new perspectives on career experiences and what employers value in their employees. Panelists will share their paths to their current positions, the ways in which they utilize their mathematical background, and offer advice to others looking for employment in similar venues. Questions that may be addressed include: How do you find which jobs are available? How do you choose which jobs you want to apply for? What are academic and other employers looking for in the materials that you send? How should you tailor your application materials for the job that you are applying for? How do employers conduct interviews?
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