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University of Washington
Talk Abstract
I am a professor in the mathematics department at UW, and the founder of SageMath, Inc. In 2005, I founded SageMath, which is the main large open source pure mathematics research software (and is often used in undergraduate teaching), with many hundreds of contributors. Sage is an open source free download, which is pretty big and can be difficult to install. Since 2006, we've always had some sort of web-based interface. In 2013, I launched SageMathCloud (SMC), which is a new web interface to Sage, with much general functionality that has little to do with Sage, and is of interest to people outside mathematics research. For example, all development of SMC is done from within SMC, so SMC is also an online development environment. There's also support for editing LaTeX documents, using IPython notebooks, tracking tasks, etc. In this talk I'll give an overview of SMC, then talk about some incidental connections with reproducibility, including how SMC aggressively snapshots all user files periodically, and records nearly every keystroke (with a history slider) when editing worksheets. This talk will be similar to \url{}
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