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Latex Program

  • \hfill \textit{Random Walks and Recreational Mathematics}
    \hfill Peter Kagey, from Oregon State University \\[-4pt]
    % Long Talk (25 mins)
  • \hfill \textit{COMAP Problem B- Coach of the Century}
    \hfill Lacey Mesia, from Eastern Oregon University \\[-4pt], \hfill Corey Bennett, from Eastern Oregon University \\[-4pt]
    % Short Talk (10 mins)
  • \hfill \textit{Intersection Graphs of Translated Regular Polygons}
    \hfill Andrew Bishop, from Willamette University \\[-4pt]
    % Long Talk (25 mins)
  • \hfill \textit{A Closer Look At The Ratings Percentage Index}
    \hfill Grayson Penfield, from University of Portland \\[-4pt]
    % Short Talk (10 mins)
  • \hfill \textit{Asymptotic Equivalence of Automorphism Groups of Surfaces and Riemann-Hurwitz Solutions}
    \hfill Sebastian Bozlee, from University of Portland \\[-4pt], \hfill Aaron Wootton, from University of Portland \\[-4pt]
    % Short Talk (10 mins)
  • \hfill \textit{Parking functions and tree inversions}
    \hfill Kuai Yu, from Reed College \\[-4pt], \hfill David Perkinson, from Reed College \\[-4pt], \hfill Qiaoyu Yang, from Reed College \\[-4pt]
    % Long Talk (25 mins)
  • \hfill \textit{Application of Mathematics to Traffic Flow}
    \hfill Yongyi Li, from Oregon State University \\[-4pt]
    % Short Talk (10 mins)
  • \hfill \textit{Modelling Tsunamis with the Shallow Water Equations}
    \hfill Steven Reeves, from Southern Oregon University \\[-4pt]
    % Short Talk (10 mins)
  • \hfill \textit{The Abelian Sandpile and its Avalanche Polynomials}
    \hfill Andrew Fry, from Western Oregon University \\[-4pt], \hfill Gautam Webb, from Western Oregon University \\[-4pt], \hfill Luis Garcia-Puente, from Western Oregon University \\[-4pt]
    % Long Talk (25 mins)
  • \hfill \textit{Counting Minimal Solutions to Diophantine Inequalities}
    \hfill Taylor Matyasz, from Pacific University \\[-4pt]
    % Long Talk (25 mins)
  • \hfill \textit{Dukes of Hazzardous Lane Changes}
    \hfill Kyle Evitts, from Linfield College \\[-4pt], \hfill Kara Grant, from Linfield College \\[-4pt], \hfill Nathan Mills, from Linfield College \\[-4pt]
    % Short Talk (10 mins)
  • \hfill \textit{Game Theory and Algebraic Structures}
    \hfill Georgia Mayfield, from Willamette University \\[-4pt], \hfill Erik Holmes, from Willamette University \\[-4pt], \hfill Dennis Moritz, from Willamette University \\[-4pt], \hfill Kathryn Adamyk, from Willamette University \\[-4pt], \hfill Marion Scheepers, from Willamette University \\[-4pt]
    % Short Talk (10 mins)
  • \hfill \textit{Fractals: Infinite Iteration}
    \hfill Jem Kloor, from Southern Oregon University \\[-4pt]
    % Short Talk (10 mins)
  • \hfill \textit{Euclidean Tessellations and Regular Polygons in the Taxicab Plane}
    \hfill Thomas Pitts, from Oregon State University \\[-4pt]
    % Short Talk (10 mins)
  • \hfill \textit{Using Visualization Tools to Analyze Automated Flight Conflict Resolution Concepts}
    \hfill Nyki Anderson, from Eastern Oregon University \\[-4pt]
    % Long Talk (25 mins)
  • \hfill \textit{Modeling and Optimizing Traffic}
    \hfill Peter Kagey, from Oregon State University \\[-4pt], \hfill Daniel Takamori, from Oregon State University \\[-4pt]
    % Short Talk (10 mins)
  • \hfill \textit{Unipancyclic Graphs and Matroid Theory}
    \hfill Jeff Schreiner-McGraw, from Willamette Univeristy \\[-4pt]
    % Long Talk (25 mins)
  • \hfill \textit{Topological Invariance of Surfaces of Constant Curvature in Euclidean 3-space}
    \hfill Jonathan David Evenboer, from Oregon State University \\[-4pt]
    % Short Talk (10 mins)
  • \hfill \textit{Counting Tilings of Annular Regions}
    \hfill Kyle Evitts, from Linfield College \\[-4pt], \hfill Levi Altringer, from Linfield College \\[-4pt], \hfill Amanda Bright, from Linfield College \\[-4pt], \hfill Gregory Clark, from Linfield College \\[-4pt], \hfill Brain Keating, from Linfield College \\[-4pt], \hfill Brian Whetter, from Linfield College \\[-4pt]
    % Short Talk (10 mins)


\name{Nathan L Gibson}{Oregon State University}
\name{My Van Vo}{Lewis & Clark College}
\name{Amy Yielding }{Eastern Oregon University }
\name{Jessica Cameron}{Eastern Oregon University }
\name{Rachel Wiley}{Eastern Oregon University }
\name{Cody Paulson}{Eastern Oregon University }
\name{Kellie Musgrove}{Eastern Oregon University }
\name{Kayla Anderson}{Eastern Oregon University }
\name{Mark McDonald}{Eastern Oregon University }
\name{Matthew Chatham}{Eastern Oregon University }
\name{Amanda Bailey}{Eastern Oregon University }
\name{Takaharu Kunisho}{Eastern Oregon University }
\name{Austin Drewett}{Eastern Oregon University }
\name{Sara Lynn Smalley}{Eastern Oregon University }
\name{McKenzie Garlock}{Eastern Oregon University }
\name{Aaron Flanagan}{Eastern Oregon University }
\name{Nam Nguyen}{Eastern Oregon University }
\name{Karly Stack}{Eastern Oregon University }
\name{George Blikas}{Lewis & Clark College}
\name{Duncan McGregor}{Oregon State University}
\name{Justin Tran}{Oregon State University}
\name{Sean Fogerty}{Willamette University}
\name{Asa DiCarlo}{University of Oregon Biology }
\name{Andres Guerrero-Guzman}{Lewis & Clark College}
\name{Alex Putnam}{Oregon State University}
\name{Benjamin Asay}{Oregon State University}
\name{Paul Casillas}{Clark College}
\name{Eric Mapes}{Washington State University-Vancouver}
\name{Nathan Nulph}{Clark College}
\name{Paul Duffin}{Oregon State University}
\name{Chris Orum }{Oregon State University }
\name{Roger Royset}{The Evergreen State College}
\name{Chase Ford}{The Evergreen State College}
\name{Yichen You}{Linfield College}
\name{Fei Shi}{Linfield College}
\name{Yu Yan}{Linfield College}
\name{Devon Galiszewski}{Eastern Oregon University}
\name{Andrew E Brereton}{Oregon State University}
\name{Maria Gonzalez-Cress}{Pacific University}
\name{Shawn Kroll}{Eastern Oregon University}
\name{Samuel Backlund}{The Evergreen State College}
\name{Ezgi Tanriver}{Linfield College}
\name{Connor Ryan}{Pacific University}
\name{Vera Yakovleva}{Humboldt State University}
\name{Bill Breslin}{Pacific University}
\name{Darrahlyn Young}{Linfield College}
\name{Victor Rielly}{Pacific University}
\name{Antonio Vezia}{Pacific University}
\name{Theresa Ann Barosh}{Willamette University}
\name{Hang Do}{Linfield}
\name{Christopher Lee}{University of Portland}
\name{Kemble Yates}{Southern Oregon University}
\name{Katie Tucker}{Willamette University}
\name{Jacob Schultz}{Southern Oregon University}
\name{Caylan Kolste}{Humboldt state university }
\name{Thomas J. Burns}{Southern Oregon University}
\name{Omega Pascubello}{Humboldt State University}
\name{Miguel Olivare. }{Humboldt State University}
\name{David Perkinson}{Reed College}
\name{Kara Grant}{Linfield College}
\name{Mark Hazelton}{Kings Valley Charter School}
\name{Olivia Hazelton}{Kings Valley Charter School}
\name{Spencer Fuffy}{Reed College}
\name{Nathan Smutz}{Eastern Oregon University}
\name{Thomas Moore}{The Evergreen State University}
\name{Jessica Husttes}{The Evergreen State University}
\name{Isaac Yusue}{South Puget Sound Community College}
\name{Anisa Benthemsam}{The Evergreen State University}
\name{Michael Alock}{Southern Oregon University}
\name{Christopher Quisling}{Portland State University}
\name{Zachariah Hainline}{The Evergreen State University}
\name{Corey Bennett}{ Eastern Oregon University }
\name{ Kara Grant }{ Linfield College}
\name{ Daniel Takamori }{Oregon State University}
\name{Patrick De Leenheer}{Oregon State University}
\name{Dan Rockwell}{Oregon State University}